The Prima theme assets

Modern designs now try to tend to new designers’ trends to make sites keep-on with new ideas. These new trends are associated with the appearance of site, various features, which relate to the form of site. Content of site is another issue and it definitely influence the effectiveness of advertisement. However, the appearance can force one to read the site, to stay on pages and to come back again for more information or for further purchases in e-shop.  magento-prima-theme

Qualitative sites

E-shops get multiple benefits from thoroughly made sites. It says about certain relation of site owner to customers. Site with good usability and easy design can call only positive thoughts and attitude towards the brand. Considering the sales volume, sites with better design can sell more goods than sites, which failed to spend some money to design.

However improving of site should be started with something and there are some features, which can easily improve the site:

Using of flat design

All things, which drop shadows, which create pseudo-solidity should be instantly removed. Depth details of any kind should be deleted. 3D ages is over, and now all new sites use only flat design. Prima Magento theme has such features of design that are compatible with Magento and most of servers for e-shop, including the Monster hosting that has enough performance for such themes and Magento itself. Furthermore, flat design requires less resource. It works without the emulation of 3d-effects, shadows, etc. This minimalistic design has been introduced by Microsoft corporation and created the trend for web-design development.


Responsive design

There were times when responsive design was optional feature. And now with development of computers there are computers, which can be in form of the phones, little gadgets, which can be carried anywhere. And site design should adapt to fit these little devices requirements. Otherwise, users which use their smartphones will unable to use the site without the PC. Such situation decreases the users’ confidence and makes people avoid such site and use other sites instead.  Modern searching engines stay on guard to find non-responsive sites and block their appearance in search results. Prima theme contains features of responsive design so it can be easily rescaled due to changing of user’s view-port. Such brilliant feature allows people to use such sites anywhere they like. Responsive design cannot decrease site’s performance and only improve site’s usability. Furthermore, site with responsive design won’t be fined.

New tendencies

Keeping next to new tendencies is quite good way to reach high level in usability and perfect site’s appearance. With perfect theme it’s rather easier. Using of Prima theme can dramatically increase number of potential customers, their willingness to buy something. Prima theme is specially designed to work with e-commerce sites, therefore, all peculiar for the e-shops features are underlined and other redundant things are removed. Therefore sites, equipped with Prima theme are made with all necessary things for effective site promotion and successful trade.